eKum Nye, Level Eight - Kum Nye in a Nutshell

eKum Nye, Level Eight - Kum Nye in a Nutshell

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Welcome to Dharma Publishing Academy's self-study program on Kum Nye!

Level 8: The Five Trainings: Opening, Healing, Stimulating, Manifesting and Protecting

The program Kum Nye in Five Trainings is a synopsis of many Kum Nye teachings. Kum Nye can be presented in many models. For example, one model is Balancing, Integrating, Stimulating and Transforming; another is Body, Breath, and Mind. A third is Om Ah Hum; a fourth works with the Masculine and Feminine. This particular program originates with Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche and has been briefly described in the last chapter of the book MasterWork. Opening, Healing, Stimulating, Manifesting and Protecting are five trainings for human development.

This program in Five Trainings is an investigation into the meaning of Body and Mind, and how they underlie our human embodiment and all of existence. 

The first training revolves around the topic Opening (lessons 2-3) of Body and Mind, which is a critical start for activating the flow of feeling, the motor of Kum Nye. The second topic, Healing (lessons 4-5) Body and Mind, emphasizes becoming whole again, both within and without. The third focuses on Stimulating the energies (lessons 6-7) of Body and Mind to ensure optimal usage of the inner architecture of the subtle body system. The fourth topic, Manifesting Body and Mind (lessons 8-9), deals with self-expression and attuning to change. The last lesson (lesson 10) is devoted to Protecting the energies of Body and Mind.

In addition, this comprehensive program presents the nine levels of Kum Nye. In the book Kum Nye, Tarthang Tulku writes about the three levels of relaxation. More recently, Rinpoche has broken this down into nine levels, which are being discussed in detail in this program. As usual, each lesson starts with the theory on one of the five trainings in the context of Body and Mind, followed by one of the nine levels of Kum Nye, practice suggestions, reflections for time outside the Kum Nye practice sessions, and suggestions for reading. It is a packed program, intended for the aficionado of Kum Nye, who has finished the five levels of the eKum Nye program. Ideally, you also have studied Kum Nye level VII, the Power of Breath, before proceeding to this advanced material.

These lessons are for private use only, and you will be asked to sign an agreement to not duplicate, spread or use this material for any publication purposes.

We hope you join us in the globally expanding Kum Nye – Om Ah Hum!

The eKum Nye program is intended to provide thorough individual training in the theory and practice of Kum Nye Yoga for the development of a fulfilling personal Kum Nye practice.

Course material:

  • Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga by Tarthang Tulku. Please complete all required reading assignments from the previous lesson prior to beginning a new lesson. You may purchase a copy at our web store.
  • The Joy of Being by Tarthang Tulku. Acquire your personal copy at our web store.
  • The Joy of Being Workbook. Please download the following link to receive your included copy of this book for the course: https://we.tl/xXVfrn8tIQ
  • A journal or notebook devoted to your Kum Nye practice. Prompts and journaling assignments are given at the end of each lesson. Students are also encouraged to keep regular entries related to their experiences and observations about their Kum Nye practice apart from the weekly assignments. This is very important as writing about your experiences will help you to develop greater personal awareness.

Daily Practice:

One hour every day devoted to your Kum Nye practice. Students are expected to perform the weekly exercises every day for the week that they are in each lesson. If you like, you are encouraged to make your practice sessions longer than one hour. If you must practice for a shorter time, certainly make it no less than thirty minutes.