eKum Nye Level 1

The purpose of Kum Nye relaxation is to develop our body awareness. Sitting in stillness, we can cultivate mindfulness of our feelings and sensations, eventually sensing the flow of energy through our physical body. We learn that we are an ongoing embodiment of energies and this flowing energy is the nature of our being. This course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of Kum Nye.


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Welcome to Dharma Publishing Academy’s self-study program on Kum Nye!

A message from head instructor, Arnaud Maitland:

The eKum Nye program is intended to provide thorough individual training in the theory and practice of Kum Nye Yoga for the development of a fulfilling personal Kum Nye practice.

Course material:

  • Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga by Tarthang Tulku. Please complete all required reading assignments from the previous lesson prior to beginning a new lesson. You may purchase a copy at our web store.
  • The Joy of Being by Tarthang Tulku. Acquire your personal copy at our web store.
  • The Joy of Being Workbook. Please download the following link to receive your included copy of this book for the course: https://we.tl/xXVfrn8tIQ
  • A journal or notebook devoted to your Kum Nye practice. Prompts and journaling assignments are given at the end of each lesson. Students are also encouraged to keep regular entries related to their experiences and observations about their Kum Nye practice apart from the weekly assignments. This is very important as writing about your experiences will help you to develop greater personal awareness.

Daily Practice:

One hour every day devoted to your Kum Nye practice. Students are expected to perform the weekly exercises every day for the week that they are in each lesson. If you like, you are encouraged to make your practice sessions longer than one hour. If you must practice for a shorter time, certainly make it no less than thirty minutes.

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  1. Great Course


    Really enjoyed this course! Recommend it highly.

  2. First level on a lifetime journey


    Great format and instructions. It is so easy and fun to follow these ten weekly lessons and feeling the difference every week. This is such a great way of learning Kum Nye when you don’t have a teacher available. Thank’s for creating the eKum Nye course