Self Study Series: Lineage with Arnaud Maitland




“In this time of crisis, the obligations of the Lineage are more poignant, more urgent, than ever before.”


Join  Dharma Publishing Academy‘s Senior Instructor Arnaud Maitland and walk back through time. In this self-study course you’ll receive a background of knowledge on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s teachers and ancient Tibetan lineage. You’ll also learn the importance of lineage and some discussions of the implications of responsibility and faith when taking on a lineage like Rinpoche’s. Finally, we’ll read some excerpts from the recent limited release of Report on 28th Annual World Peace Ceremony 1989-2017 sMon-lam Chen-mo.

This self-study course includes:



Video lecture by Dharma Publishing Academy Senior Instructor Arnaud Maitland, 56 minutes. Feel free to follow along with the written transcript, below the embedded video.



Photo gallery of Rinpoche’s lineage.



Listen to Senior Instructor Arnaud Maitland discuss a new release from Dharma Publishing – the limited release of the Report on 28th Annual World Peace Ceremony 1989-2017 sMon-lam Chen-mo.

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