Self Study Series: Kum Nye Meditation Level 3

Meditation means integration, of body & mind, of inner & outer and of life & potential. Like in levels 1 -2, using body, feelings and breathing to develop levels of integration, level 3 focusses especially on perfect stillness as gateway to greater integration. Here in perfect stillness we can touch real relaxation and old ways begin to disappear. Perceptions and sense faculties are being transformed. Now ‘something may show up, something speaks itself forward’ (Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche in chapter 49 of Challenging Journey); the voice of your being is communicating, interacting freely with life.


In level 3 you will learn this gradual process of gaining access to perfect stillness and begin ‘to discover our unity with all that is,’ Rinpoche writes, and open up to communications within – ‘a secret knowing. We can ask without demanding or manipulating how to become leaders of life and choose love’. The heart can lead the way. It leaves nothing out.


Would you like to learn this kind of simple, practical meditation that will speak to you, almost immediately?




“For me it was a good opportunity to deepen the sense of stillness and to be ready.  In these days after the power of time, I also had a deep understanding of the importance of accepting our parents.”

“Anxiety and worrying seems to be diminishing. This has been a great discovery. I now have more in mind the feeling of the power of time.

In subtle and direct ways, and using the same exercises and gestures Rinpoche has given us but breaking them free of dust and shells of expectation, the program is making possible a living at a deeper more joyous level.  I have gained more confidence in my communication with the “rhythms of the universe.”


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