Kum Nye Healing II, A Retreat/Webinar


For the Webinar, you will receive a link to use for the entire 8 days of the program.  It will be sent to your email address from programs@dharmapublishing.com

For the Retreat in Argentina please contact: info@kumnyeyoga.ar


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Kum Nye Healing II, Retreat/Webinar with Arnaud Maitland

Retreat in Argentina 

Webinar daily from Tuesday, February 19th – 26th, 2019, every day 9 am – 1 pm (PST)


Kum Nye Healing I focuses on bringing together what has become separate. Integration of body and mind, inner and outer, and our potential with life’s opportunities, resulting in feeling complete within.

Kum Nye Healing II works with ‘energy meeting energy” to initiate, stimulate, and accomplish becoming whole again.

What can we do to reveal our being, and intrinsic knowingness, without being scared or feel the need to protect?  We can heal ourselves, through ‘energy meeting energy’.

By nature, we are open and flowing, embodying energies.  Everything is made of energies, people, environment, nature, time, and space. Everything communicates with everything else, like radiating fields of energies.

When these begin to interact with each other openly, we can learn to sense the different spirits or awarenesses of these energies are communicating with one another.  When we interact, being to being, we feel better and richer.  When we begin communicating with time and space, we feel uplifted and new opportunities reveal themselves. All because ‘energy meets energy’.

How do we open up? How do we energize? How can we facilitate ‘energy meeting energy’? This is what Kum Nye Healing part II is about.

We will use Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s three Kum Nye books and the latest publication entitled Caring, to learn to explore ‘energy meeting energy’, enabling us to celebrate what Rinpoche calls “the sacred energy called myself’ and to tap our dynamic knowledge.

The program is open to all; You can join for Part 2 if you have not done Part 1.


Kum Nye Healing Part 1 is now available through Dharma Publishing Academy.

Arnaud Maitland, JD. and MA. in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and psychology, author of two books, MasterWork, and Living without Regret, and international seminar and retreat leader, while also directing Dharma Publishing.


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