Live Retreat: Kum Nye Teacher Training: Level 3


Webinar and Retreat with Arnaud Maitland

June 3rd-11th, 2017
8:30am – 12:30pm PST (California Time)

What is Kum Nye dancing?
How to practice Kum Nye dancing
How to present Kum Nye dancing

Based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s book
Kum Nye Dancing – Introducing Mind to the Treasures the Body offers

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It is with great pleasure that we announce an in-depth, comprehensive presentation of Kum Nye dancing. It presupposes you have participated in Kum Nye Teacher Training levels 1 and 2 webinars in order to become a trainer in Kum Nye dancing. However, you can join us without these prerequisites “for the love of it.”

Just like the first two levels were quite different from one another, Kum Nye dancing is altogether a different presentation of Kum Nye by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche. Having its roots in the yogic tradition, esoteric tantric texts and lama dancing, Rinpoche offers a distinct Kum Nye way of expressing our wholeness and feeling complete within. All three roots will be extensively introduced, as the human body is the vehicle for respectively transforming consciousness, meditation of non-duality, and awakening the viewer to the expression that the dance elicits.

Contrary to the first two trainings in Kum Nye in which slow movements, holding of postures and extended practice of stillness were essential to get optimal results, Kum Nye dancing is expressive, dynamic, with a solid rhythm that brings us in touch with the pulses of real time.

No longer do we try to relax, activate the flow of feeling, expand and accumulate the feeling experience or open the senses. We don’t even explore Kum Nye for mind. In Kum Nye dancing there is no discovery, no exploration, nothing to get, but rather to express the full human being embodiment. With a body and mind completely integrated, without duality in our perception, Kum Nye dancing is more choreographic, showing how we are leaving the corral we have created for ourselves, and what “knowledge in motion” is like. Through Kum Nye dancing, a healthy mind engages experience freshly and directly, undisturbed by memories of the past, free of fears in the present, and unconcerned with projections of the future.

In our Kum Nye dancing, we discover the freedom within that invites opening up to the sacred energy called “myself.” At this moment, our experience becomes our inner counselor. We will learn to appreciate the genuine questions we can ask, open to the reflections our experience provides. Kum Nye dancing is an immediate path to express the within of the within. We will learn it, we will practice it, and you’re encouraged to share it with others, conforming to the spirit and the literal instructions found in Rinpoche’s Kum Nye Dancing and oral transmissions.

Kum Nye dancing becomes an opportunity to develop a deep knowledge of our individual embodiment, the specific expression of sacred energy called ‘myself’.
– Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

Two options to join:

Teacher Training Option: $1195.00, including three one-hour ‘master’ classes for individual training. Authorization will be granted upon completion of the program and final interview.

You will receive the following materials:

  • Line-by-line reading plus commentary by Arnaud Maitland of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s book Kum Nye Dancing – Introducing Mind to the Treasures the Body Offers. This material will not be covered in the webinar as you are expected to study it on your own before the webinar. Approx. 30 hours. Available upon registration.
  • Audio Downloads:
    Three day-retreat recording: Damme 2014, 2015, 2016 – approx. 20 hrs.
  • Video Downloads:
    • Freedom of Being “I”
    • Being Present in the Present
    • Revealing the Body’s Hidden Beauty
    • Kum Nye Talks volumes 5 & 7
    • Dynamic Rest
    • My Moment in Time

For the Love of It”: $625.00 USD.  You will receive the following material:

  • Line-by-line reading plus commentary by Arnaud Maitland of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s book Kum Nye Dancing – Introducing Mind to the Treasures the Body Offers. This material will not be covered in the webinar as you are expected to study it on your own before the webinar. Approx. 30 hours. Available upon registration.

For people who wish to participate in the live retreat in Amsterdam, there will be a charge of €50 per day, which includes all meals and three extra practice and study sessions per day. Please register with Nyingma Center Nederland by emailing:


In Kum Nye Teacher Training Level III, you will learn to appreciate and express:

  • “You become one with the body; this understanding is essential to unlock the transformative potential of Kum Nye dancing.”
  • “The body itself is aware, expressing knowledge.”
  • “You will sense that relaxation is the key. Relaxation in Kum Nye dancing is a state of being we could call dynamic rest. Calm and flowing, peaceful yet alert, true relaxation expresses itself both in movement and in stillness.”
  • “You engage the flow of feeling, each gesture and pose becomes a form of creative expression. The body begins to communicate deep experiences of wholeness and feeling complete within.”
  • “Your Kum Nye dancing establishes new breathing patterns, so light, so open and making it possible to create different ways of embodying.”
  • “Exploring the body in Kum Nye dancing, you learn that all experience and expression have a fundamental unity. Kum Nye dancing develops an independent awareness; instead of being tethered to subject and object, new energies are set free.”
  • “Your Kum Nye dancing is a form of knowledge – gathering, in the spirit of open inquiry. You are acquiring knowledge you did not have before. This exploration offers a gift of lived awareness; a knowing becomes a form of intimacy with all your experience.”
  • “The transformative power of your Kum Nye dancing presents an opportunity to make real and meaningful changes in your energy levels, your patience in tolerance, and your physical and mental flexibility.”
  • “Kum Nye – Kum (sKu) is body, not the physical body but the site of experience – a nexus of sensitivity. Nye (mNye) is a method of exercising that brings results, tending and tuning. Through Nye, the body experience is transmuted. The result of Nye is a floating quality, sometimes called bliss, utterly open and ready to dance, to do what needs to be done.”
  • “Knowing the experience of the sacred energy called ‘myself’ is not something to have or to lose; it’s a knowledge you can taste that is truly yours, from the very beginning.”
  • “Your Kum Nye dance expresses sacred knowledge in motion; it hints at what it might mean to embody deep realization. This dance, arising from the heart of space, is space’s reply to the unspoken question of our embodiment, the mystery of our being. Here and now space is dancing us.”
  • “Your Kum Nye is the art of making friends with all experience. Your Kum Nye dancing shows that you need not make enemies with any part of experience. The qualities of experience all emerge from constant relation and interaction with your inner and outer environments. An intricate dance is taking place within you; an animated conversation is being held. Trained in Kum Nye dancing, you can engage directly with any and all experience and foster positive interaction.”
  • “Touching the depth of sense experience, you will taste your unchangeable essence, a basic openness, and the beauty of being pours in on all sides.
  • “Locked away inside the individual lie many positive qualities, including depth of feeling, hidden talents, and intelligence. Kum Nye dancing helps you to discover these qualities and in your dance, you learn to express them unobstructed by fear.”
  •  “Your Kum Nye dancing cultivates and protects your inner resources, so they never run dry – you will have total confidence shining in your body, shining in your actions.”
  •  “As tensions melt away, you settle into calmness, not separate and alone, but part of a whole, at one with your environment – an exquisite balance, a resting point of ease.”
  • “Kum Nye dancing is designed to penetrate the roots of experience. A new openness arises, beyond the framework of habits, enabling you to leave the corral you have created for yourself.”
  • “Kum Nye dancing distills the flavor of bodily experience into a potent form. The subtle interactivity of body and mind is opened up and explored. The power to engage is in the now. You may catch a glimpse of a world you could never have imagined.”
  • “You become your own natural resource; you can consult within your own experience and counsel yourself.”
  • “As you practice Kum Nye dancing, you will discover that beyond your habitual identifications, there is really no one in control, only awareness radiating in all directions.”
  • “You discover that your experience is fundamentally open and flexible – you are free to respond creatively, anywhere, anytime. As you become a master of your own experience, you can replant the gardens of your mind.”
  • “You discover that maybe you are the creator of your own experience. Could you learn to manifest beauty, happiness and meaning instead of waiting for it to be delivered to you by circumstance?”
  • “Dancing is an expression of the body’s joy, a gesture that transforms ordinary movement into art. Kum Nye dancing salvages your suffering, representing the characters of human experience, revealing it all as beautiful and meaningful.”
  • “You will find that your purpose for being here is as unique and individual as a fingerprint. Like the depth of bodily knowledge, it cannot easily be codified, but can be freely expressed, in movement and stillness, in gesture and actions.”
  • “Kum Nye dancing brings to light your expression of energy, your specific embodiment and your moment in time. It gives you knowledge that ultimately there is a reason for you being here, for you undertaking this joining. You have a purpose. Your purpose may be up to you.”

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