Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice


We want to encourage you to benefit from this Morning Practice by offering a sliding subscription rate for enrollment.

As options: $25 or $10 may be selected for the same webinar.


Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice
A Live Webinar – 30 Sessions
October 14 – December 13, 2019
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
6:00 – 7:00 am (PST)

Taught by Andis Egle, with Carmen Ojeda

For our fourth cycle of Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice, we will follow all twenty-one sessions of a retreat/webinar presented in June 2019, Kum Nye Meditation, Mind at Ease. 

Two foundational quotes from The Joy of Being by Tarthang Tulku:

Page 111: “To understand mind, it is helpful to look beneath the patterns woven into the mind and experience more directly the sensing aspect of mind.”

Page 38:  “Do not be shy about getting inside our experience, embracing intimately (all of you – no longer two, no more separation) all dimensions, below the level of concepts.”

From Mind at Ease, Session One:

Everything has a voice. There is a speech element to everything.

Everything that lives communicates.

So, it is with Life that lives in our body.  We received a body from our parents, what lives within the body is unique – it’s Life. That Life has a voice too.

Life living in the body is programmed towards completion, towards fulfillment, towards getting the most out of life.

Everything in life is programmed to become what it is intended to be. Like the seed of flower becomes a flower, the seed of tree becomes a tree, it is the same is for human beings.  The promise of Life is located in the heart chakra.  It has a unique voice.

Usually, we don’t listen to the voice of our heart.  Usually we are listening to the voice of our thoughts – what should we do or what we should not do. That’s the voice of our inner dialogue; thinking mind telling us what to do.  Without listening to the voice of the heart, we may become disconnected from our purpose for being here, from the direction in life we need to follow in order to fulfill the promise of our life.

Kum Nye Meditation softens the patterns woven into the mind and experience, directly sensing aspects of the mind. The voice of the heart becomes ours again.

If you are unable to attend the scheduled session a video recording will be available for download later the same day.


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