Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice – Free


You can participate for free, no charge;  but this time there is the option to make a donation of $49, which money will be entirely dedicated to the sculpting of the 27ft. (8 m) standing Padmasambhava that Andis has started.

This series will draw entirely on:

Kum Nye Relaxation, Tibetan Yoga by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche  and the self-study audio program: A Kum Nye Intensive


Dates: Starting Wednesday, June 26th until August 23, 2019

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Time: 6:00 – 7:00am (PST)

Taught by: Andis Egle, with Carmen Ojeda


We invite you to participate in the

Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice

A Live Webinar


This Practice Series of 26 sessions is based on The Kum Nye Intensive that was presented in April this year and is entirely based on the first Kum Nye book Kum Nye – a Tibetan Yoga.

Topics include:

Feeling, breath, awareness — invoke joyful experience,

Three levels of Kum Nye relaxation,

Taste the power of relaxation and taste the flavor of being alive,

Experience becomes like an open field,

Radar-like sensitivity,

What do you do with your time?

Can you feel your time?

Can you feel your accomplishments in time?

Can you feel others without grasping or aversion?

Can you have a feel for your Life?


If you did not participate in Level One – Kum Nye Intensive, you can purchase the audio recordings of the 27 sessions of this program for $108, so you can prepare and study along with this presentation.
You will also receive an email of the daily topic and practice summary the evening before each session to help you prepare for practice.


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