Discovering Awakened Heart

Discovering Awakened Heart

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12 Kum Nye Practice Sessions with Andis Egle

Now that you have lived a while,
what is important for you in your life?
What is your life's orientation?
Can your life become richer?
Your intention, your aspiration
will lead your life's journey.

Our intention for this program is:
In aspiration, I arouse the awakened heart, 
and set out upon profound path.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's Kum Nye is our method and guide on the profound path. As we progress in practicing Kum Nye, we discover the center of our being, the heart chakra is already awake, alive, and warm. Steady contact with the openness of the awakened heart is hindered by residues of the past. Learning to activate and staying with the Kum Nye experience softens the habitual, limiting patterns of responding. Confession becomes a natural release and relief.

we touch the source of our being,
the heartbeat of our life.
Our vitality
Is constantly becoming.
Dark and light,
Expanding and contracting,
Still and moving.
What is our potential?

Kum Nye's true relaxation enables our lives to unfold as they should, just the way we are. We discover that our life is what we make it.

We will practice Kum Nye deeply, learning to expand, dissolve borders within space and time, and stimulate our life's experience - more Nye, more Kum. Whatever we pay attention to in life's energy experiences, gently gets liberated. Kum Nye = Life

The program follows  the retreat Discovering Awakened Heart led by Arnaud Maitland in Germany 2021.

The twelve sessions will by led by Andis Egle, Kum Nye teacher at Dharma Publishing's Academy and Ratna Ling Retreat Center. Andis serves as head sculptor of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's sacred art projects.