Kum Nye Healing, Part One, Self-study Video Program  Session 1 - FREE

Kum Nye Healing, Part One, Self-study Video Program Session 1 - FREE

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The Kum Nye approach to healing is feeling complete within, that nothing is missing. We get there by cultivating balance. When we experience difficulties in daily life it is a reflection of imbalance. Either the body and mind connection is out of sink or there is a deeper disharmony between the body-mind unit and universal forces. Kum Nye is the art of restoring balance. When we are in sync our purpose is clear and life present the next step on our spiritual path. Surrendering to this notion opens doors we could not see before. 

Healing bridges the gap when there is something missing, any kind of separation between mind and body or in the flow of giving and receiving. The Kum Nye perspective is that when mind and body complement each other disharmony is resolved and we no longer feel anything is missing. Healing means becoming inseparable, integration of smaller and greater, inner and outer.

Integration of body and mind happens when the mind contacts feelings. By bringing awareness to feelings they start to open, this process is intriguing for the mind and so it wants to stay in the new experience. We realize that life in the body is not different then what is outside of the body. This resolves all separation issues between body and mind and self and others. 

Unity of mind, feelings, breath, and motion allows us to feel complete within. Unity and integration bring about appreciation. We experience happiness and our actions become joyful and effortless. 

Exercise: Kum Nye #41, #20, #63b