Kum Nye Massage - A Video Self-Study Program

Kum Nye Massage - A Video Self-Study Program

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Dharma Publishing Academy is pleased to present

Kum Nye Massage - A Self-study Program
Lead by Andis Egle and Carmen Ojeda
Four one-hour sessions of both theory and guided practice.
We will explore and deepen our Kum Nye Massage practice as described on page sixty of Kum Nye, Tibetan Yoga, Massage section.


Massage is the interaction of energies. With the practice of Kum Nye, energies begin to flow, accumulate and interact: an inner and outer massage of feeling is emerging.

Our natural openness is being restored. Within openness, direct experience is being stimulated, no longer channeled through the thinking mind. We are able to freshly, directly and intuitively engage in all experiences. 

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche calls this process of inner massage - Inner Alchemy.
First, massage melts accumulated tension, releasing blockages and holding in the energy body's inner architecture.  Experience, our Kum, becomes more fluid and open, as Nye intensifies.  Thoughts, feelings, and breathing merge into one experience.  Their interaction and massage, we experience as joy and being creative.
By expanding the feeling-experience into and through the senses, thoughts cannot catch us anymore, for we are beyond ego and self- image.  As we continue to deepen and expand a feeling, we can move inside the feeling, it will deepen and expand as an inner massage.
At first, the awakening feeling will bring to mind all kinds of images.  At a deeper level, the feeling-experience will be deeply nurturing, without images.  Finally, we become the feeling - the feeling experience is me; there is no longer anyone having an experience or an 'I'.   

We are deepening openness, satisfaction, and completion. We are embodying Openness.