Kum Nye Meditation

Kum Nye Meditation

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Saturdays, 8 - 9:15am PST
April 10 - July 10, 2021
14 sessions led by Andis Egle

Coming briefly out of his personal retreat, Arnaud Maitland led the annual Kum Nye Meditation retreat last August in Germany. Grounded in Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's Kum Nye teachings, the fourteen day in depth training explored an essential structure for discovering the entry to the heart of meditating.

As we did already many times at Ratna Ling, we will now meet on Zoom to practice this precious material. Each session will review one day of the German retreat.

It is rich, yet simple material that we can practice together. Let us enter this open door and discover the power of:

  • Opening Up
  • Discovering Stillness
  • Letting Being Be
  • Discovering Light

It will stimulate you to live what you know, and share with others what you enjoy.
Do you wish to join? Are you able to meet?

Let us practice together, and if it is already familiar to you, let's do it for others by joining and practicing together.

A recording of each class will be available for viewing afterwards.