Kum Nye Meditation, Mind at Ease, Audio Recordings

Kum Nye Meditation, Mind at Ease, Audio Recordings

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Kum Nye Meditation Training

Taught by: Arnaud Maitland, Director of Dharma Publishing

Demonstrated by: Andis Egle

Kum Nye Meditation is not difficult and is open to all those who wish to develop their mediation or learn to train others. With Kum Nye, the mind settles in the body; you are already meditating.

Introduced by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche to the West, Kum Nye meditation is at the heart of human education, of disclosing our unique potential.

Meditation means integrating. The Kum Nye poses, movements and breathing methods, relax the body, calming the breath, and still the mind. Kum Nye enables us to go to the root of thoughts, to the bottom of experience. Through the power of Kum Nye relaxation, the regime of mind, the thinking mind that tells us what to do, begins to release and becomes at ease. Beyond all mental activity, we enter fundamental openness. Stillness and alertness are the gate-keepers. In the emerging openness, a sense of wonder arises, while learning to trust your voice: the voice of your inner being.

The exercises restore a sense of inner space; long-held tensions begin to melt while flowing, expanding feelings nourish and open us. With mind settled in body-awareness, it begins to sense – freshly, directly, not channeled through thoughts. In the silent inner joy, we discover what belongs to us. We begin to embody our inborn best. Kum Nye meditation is a perfect follow up to mindfulness practice.

Four kinds of integration will be introduced in this training:

-  Body & Mind, establishing a cushion of calmness and inner joy.

-  Inner & Outer Space become one space, establishing a bright and clear openness without duality.

 Revealing the secret, hidden life in which our inner potential communicates with the opportunities life offers. Serendipity, omens, and the inner voice that speaks forward are acknowledged and appreciated as they can lead the way in our lives. Direct experience, not channeled through thoughts, becomes our reliable counselor;

 At least ten ways in which we can fall away from feeling complete within, and how to come back through Kum Nye

We will learn the basic ways to enter Kum Nye Meditation and discover for ourselves the benefits and insights that this profound practice can offer us. We will follow the guidance Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche offers us in the three Kum Nye books and Dimensions of Mind.

The deep relaxation of Kum Nye gives ease to the mind, relieving it of the busyness that ties up so much of our mental energy, and attuning it to what supports the whole of our being. Pathways to joy and being open, we make better wishes, and mind cooperates in bringing them into being.                                                                                                             – Tarthang Tulku in The Joy of Being

Kum Nye Meditation is unique because:

- Body awareness is the foundation

- The language of the body sets the stage, tone, and depth of the practice

- Breath becomes organically rhythmic and light

- Senses will become refreshed and begin to function in a non-dual fashion, so the practitioner sees and hears more clearly, feels more deeply, and get glimpses of reality never known before

- The mind becomes still and alert, and the direct experience becomes the practitioner’s inner counselor.

An Overview of Kum Nye Meditation