Kum Nye Meditation, Level Three, Self-study Audio Program

Kum Nye Meditation, Level Three, Self-study Audio Program

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We recommend beginning with Kum Nye Meditation Level One and Level Two

Meditation means integration, of body & mind, of inner & outer and of life & potential. Like in levels 1 -2, using the body, feelings and breathing to develop levels of integration, level 3 focusses especially on perfect stillness as a gateway to greater integration. Here in perfect stillness, we can touch real relaxation and old ways begin to disappear. Perceptions and sense faculties are being transformed. Now ‘something may show up, something speaks itself forward’ (Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche in chapter 49 of Challenging Journey); the voice of your being is communicating, interacting freely with life.

In level 3 you will learn this gradual process of gaining access to perfect stillness and begin ‘to discover our unity with all that is,’ Rinpoche writes, and open up to communications within – ‘a secret knowing. We can ask without demanding or manipulating how to become leaders of life and choose love’. The heart can lead the way. It leaves nothing out.

Would you like to learn this kind of simple, practical meditation that will speak to you, almost immediately?

Many of us wish to learn to meditate or to deepen our practice of meditation. Kum Nye Meditation is not difficult to start or to cultivate a pleasant ongoing practice. This is because we learn to establish a comfortable body, calm breath, open mind while refreshing the senses. A distracted mind shifts to a mind at ease, a sensing mind, without going outward. Stillness becomes the gateway to an entirely new experience, beyond all mental activities. Our tendency ‘to do’ even in meditation, yields to a ‘relaxation of being.’

Kum Nye Meditation is quite different from other forms of meditation, in that it does not teach the practitioner to focus solely on the coming and going of the breath, achieve a blank mind or get special experiences.

 This self-study course includes:

Video of guided exercises and theory by Dharma Publishing Academy Senior Instructor Arnaud Maitland. Over eleven hours of material.

 Kum Nye Meditation is unique because:

  • Body awareness is the foundation
  • Language of the body sets the stage, tone, and depth of the practice
  • Breath becomes organically rhythmic and light
  • Senses will become refreshed and begin to function in a non-dual fashion, so the practitioner sees and hears more clearly, feels more deeply, and get glimpses of reality never known before
  • Mind will become still and alert, and direct experience becomes the practitioner’s inner counselor

 Kum Nye practice, as introduced by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, is how we relax mind to ease the habitual demanding patterns of thinking and reacting, but in Kum Nye Meditation, we will go further. Meditation means integration, and throughout this webinar, three kinds of integration will be introduced:

  1. Body & mind, thereby establishing a cushion of calmness and inner joy
  2. Inner & outer space which become one space, thereby establishing a bright and clear openness
  3. Energies of life & our inner potential, thereby establishing the direct experience, not channeled through thoughts, as our reliable counselor

We will learn the basic ways to enter Kum Nye Meditation and discover for ourselves the benefits and insights that this profound practice can offer us.

We will follow Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s guidance from the three Kum Nye books and the latest publications, such as Dimensions of Mind. This Kum Nye Meditation is a standalone program; prior Kum Nye experience will help but is not required.

An Overview of Kum Nye Meditation