Kum Nye Morning Practice V

Kum Nye Morning Practice V

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Join Andi and Carmen for 24 sessions of morning practice classes, following the Kum Nye Meditation retreat presented in Germany by Arnaud Maitland, 2019.


* The video are Zoom recordings and therefore are of lower quality then our usual offerings.

Kum Nye Meditation, Level 5
We will learn to open up and get a taste of the full potential of being human.
Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's Kum Nye Meditation is a refuge - "Give me a break." and discover what is most important
Kum Nye meditation begins when you follow the feeling-experience
Meditating is integrating. Integrating body and mind. Because you are following feeling, you become quieter, softer, and more awake.
Kum Nye meditation can be a refuge, as mind becomes more tranquil and alert, enabling you to get in contact with yourself, with the Nature of your Being.
You will hear the word - awareness. It is not what you think.
What happens when you hear the word - awareness?

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche writes in the book Openness Mind:

Underneath the surface level of mental activity,
below concepts is a clear, beautiful awareness,
an awareness that is not of anything
but is total openness.

With Kum Nye meditation,
we can discover and explore 'awareness.'