Kum Nye One, Teacher Training Program

Kum Nye One, Teacher Training Program

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Dharma Publishing Academy offers this complete program for those individuals who wish to become an authorized
Level One, Kum Nye Teacher

These are the specific guidelines to become a certified teacher

  1. Study of Kum Nye One Comprehensive Video Program - 2019
  2. Study of Kum Nye One Audio program and transcript, 2015
  3. Study of Kum Nye One Audio program, 2018
  4. Completion of eKum Nye levels 1 - 7 and 10
  5. Submission and approval of an original paper on a favorite approved topic from Kum Nye, Tibetan Yoga
  6. Presentation of a ten-week introduction class curriculum relevant to the specific text of your choosing from Kum Nye, Tibetan Yoga
  7. Creation of a local practice group*
  8. A personal interview and approval by a senior Kum Nye teacher

The next opportunity to be an authorized teacher will be October - December 2020. Program Participants should anticipate approximately 2.5 years to complete the entire course of study.  All listed programs will be provided upon enrollment. 

*Enrollees may start a local practice group before certification; however, they may not present themselves as an Authorized Kum Nye Teacher.  A senior Kum Nye Teacher advisor can assist in setting up classes.