Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice

Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice

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Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice
on ZOOM 

June 30 - August 13, 2020
Tuesday and Thursday 
11AM – 12:00PM (PST)

Led by Andis Egle

How can we open our field of alternatives and find knowledge we need to gain true freedom? How can we discover what is truly meaningful and beneficial for human beings? How can we bring the full meaning of freedom alive in our hearts?

Based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s precious books Knowledge of Freedom and Kum Nye Dancing we will practice together and learn to ask questions and penetrate layers of knowing. We practice being aware, establishing openness, while also opening time, as our lives unfold in time.

The 14 sessions follow the curriculum of last year’s retreat ‘Knowledge of Freedom’, conducted by Arnaud Maitland at Ratna Ling.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche writes in Knowledge of Freedom:

We want to be free to realize our full potential; we want to be free to make full use of all opportunities life offers us; we want to be free to incorporate all that is good into our lives, and be free of all that causes suffering and pain; we want to appreciate the beauty of the world.

"We discover we can be free of conditioning and truly be our real self, now!"

Is this something you’d be interested in exploring together?
Please join with us us in studying Knowledge of Freedom and practicing Kum Nye.  

Participation fee: $35

If you are unable to attend the scheduled session a video recording will be available for viewing. As a bonus we will send once a week an audio recording of the original retreat ‘Knowledge of Freedom’.

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