Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice

Ratna Ling Morning Kum Nye Practice

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Ratna Ling Morning
Kum Nye Practice

A Live Webinar

March 10 - May 28, 2020
Tuesday and Thursday 
6:00 – 7:00 am (PST)

Facilitated by Andis Egle, with Carmen Ojeda

Join us in our 24 sessions of morning practice classes, following the Kum Nye Meditation retreat presented in Germany, 2019.

We will learn to open up and get a taste of the full potential of being human.

Kum Nye meditation begins when you follow the feeling-experience

Meditating is integrating. Integrating body and mind. Because you are following feeling, you become quieter, softer, and more awake.

Kum Nye meditation can be a refuge, as the mind becomes more tranquil and alert, enabling you to get in contact with yourself, with the Nature of your Being.

You will hear the word - awareness. It is not what you think.

What happens when you hear the word - awareness?

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche writes in the book Openness Mind:

Underneath the surface level of mental activity, below concepts is a clear, beautiful awareness, an awareness which is not of anything but is total openness.

With Kum Nye meditation, we can discover and explore 'awareness.'

If you are unable to attend the scheduled session a video recording will be available for viewing later the same day.