The Joy of Being - Video Self-Study Program

The Joy of Being - Video Self-Study Program

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Based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's The Joy of Being

As the second of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s Kum Nye books, The Joy of Being presents exercises that are quite different from and can significantly expand your experience of the first book, Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga.

While the first Kum Nye book focuses on “embodying aliveness,” The Joy of Being adds an entirely different dimension to it.  Though still focused on embodying vibrant aliveness, this book now adds: attuned to the present moment and the experience to feel complete within.  The Joy of Being explores and develops the role that mind plays in awakening our experience and sustaining not only vibrant aliveness but also openness that allows the inherent powers of the mind to emerge.

Moreover, you will study in Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s presentation, ten specific situations that cause us to fall away from feeling complete within, and will train us how to return to feeling complete within ourselves, without missing or lacking anything.

In this presentation of Kum Nye, highly philosophical principles will be explained in simple and direct words.  At its heart, we discover that even though it appears practicing Kum Nye is a path of transformation it is a path of disclosure—that the nature of our being is already complete.  Through the power of relaxation, our true nature will find its way to the foreground, cutting through habitual conditioning, time pressures, and anxiety.  While we will use the body and the breath as the main vehicles, it is the power of relaxation that heals our conditioning and discloses who we are—radiant light beings.

This self-study program consists of 33 video sessions of approximately 1 hour each, recorded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  Taught by Arnaud Maitland, Director of Dharma Publishing, with each exercise demonstrated by Andis Egle. 

The Joy of Being is used as a companion to this program.  

You can view Session 1 here at no cost