The Joy of Being; Guided Exercises, Session 9

The Joy of Being; Guided Exercises, Session 9

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The Joy of Being: Guided Exercises, Session 9

Senior instructor Arnaud Maitland guides you through exercises from Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s book The Joy of Being. This is the 9th of 11 guided sessions.


Session Nine, Exercises:

# 19 Ground of Energy

# 21 Opening Energy

# 20 Circulating Energy

# 38 Releasing Beauty



A Dharma Publishing Academy production



Instructor ARNAUD MAITLAND, Performance ANDIS EGLE

Filmed on location at Ratna Ling, California, and Nyingma Centrum, The Netherlands.

The video session is accessible to you as a link to a private YouTube video that you may view whenever, and as many times as you would like.