Terms and Conditions

I agree to treat all ePrograms emails, received from Dharma Publishing, for private use only (unless I receive written permission), and will not duplicate the material for others, or use the content for publication purposes.

I realize that Dharma Publishing International makes no promises/guarantees for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health or wellbeing.

I take responsibility for myself if certain exercises are inappropriate considering my physical health and always refer to the Kum Nye books for detailed descriptions of the exercises: Kum Nye Relaxation – Tibetan Yoga, Tibetan Relaxation, and The Joy of being – Advanced Kum Nye (all by Dharma Publishing).

(Some exercises may state to abstain from the exercise if you are pregnant or have had previous injury)

If any confusion or miscommunication arises, I will not make assumptions but address my questions to my contact person at Dharma Publishing or to contact@dharmapublishing.com

I understand that all financial proceeds of this program will be dedicated to the preservation of ancient Tibetan texts and sacred art as produced under the direction of Tarthang Tulku.

I promise to practice the material wholeheartedly.

I understand no refunds will be issued after completion of any online programs or courses.