Padmasambhava is Alive

Padmasambhava is Alive

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Six sessions video with Arnaud Maitland, plus transcript

Padmasambhava is both birthless and deathless. He may disappear in one form, but he will reappear again in countless others. His enlightened lineage sheds its light throughout the world – and for each living being past, present, and future there will be a Padmasambhava. 
 Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche

The second of the Padmasambhava series is now available – Padmasambhava is Alive. Newcomers are welcome and may enjoy hearing and feeling what would it be like: a full integration of who you really are! Padmasambhava may hold a key.
After the Discovering Padmasambhava course, we now embark on the sequel and orient ourselves to the possibility that Padmasambhava is deathless and alive today.
We are not out to prove anything, but maybe Padmasambhava can be found within mind and heart, anywhere, anytime, and accessible to all.
Similar to feeling inspired, when we hear the story of the Buddha opening the eye of wisdom, Padmasambhava’s life story may sparkle realizations within your mind. A teacher’s or mentor ‘s suggestion or an intuitive feeling may plant a seed towards invoking Padmasambhava and with a felt sense a sprouting interest is born.
Sparkle realization in my mind Guru-rje
Using Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche' s teachings, this course is mostly about invoking the energy of Padmasambhava, the blessings ….
From the depths of my heart, I pray to you
To be inseparable from your compassion
I ask for your blessings upon my mind stream
It is not necessary to have completed the Discovering Padmasambhava course, but if you have not participated in that course, it would be helpful to study its available videos and transcripts, beforehand.
You are kindly and compellingly invited to join and look into Padmasambhava's activities. Take it all in. Let the body listen and we can learn to taste these experiences. When you see Padmasambhava, you see yourself.
The following topics and practices will be introduced:
* Inviting Padmasambhava – Guru Rinpoche
* Taking Refuge
* Lineage tree
* Dakinis
* Some of the Twenty-five disciples
* Termas- hidden treasures
* Tertons – treasure finders
* Vajra Guru Mantra in detail
* Six of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s teachers
* Texts and Prayers
* Kum Nye Dancing will accompany us

Production Nyingma Centrum Nederland
Editor of recordings: Elco Van Vliet
Transcript plus additional notes: Jeannette Koke and Arnaud Maitland
copyright Dharma Publishing 2022

Arnaud Maitland has been on an extended personal retreat since August 2019. A student of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche for more than 40 years, Padmasambhava has become an essential element of his studies and practices, together with Rinpoche’s writings and meditations.