About Us

When Buddhism is associated with all that satisfies and uplifts the human heart and mind, more people will come to treasure is contribution to the world’s heritage of knowledge. In time, they may come to appreciate the Bodhisattva view as the highest expression of human being. This is the dream that inspired me to create Dharma Publishing in America…With the blessings of the enlightened lineage, may it continue to unfold toward realization. 

-Tarthang Tulku, Annals 5 (1997)


About Dharma Publishing

Dharma Publishing, legally established in 1975, has in fact been active since the mid 1960’s. During this period, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche was a young refugee lama living in India, where he served as a professor at Sanskrit University. He founded a small Buddhist printing house in Varanasi called Dharma Mudranalaya, named in honor of the famous ‘printing monastery’ Derge Parkhang, the most prominent printing-house in Old Tibet. In the beginning, working under primitive conditions, Rinpoche was able to release small editions of key Tibetan texts. Many developments have taken place since these early efforts, but Rinpoche’s focus on publishing Dharma has never wavered. 

You can read more about our founder Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.

A 501(3)(c) our mission is to:

  1. Promote, foster, encourage, publish, print, teach and disseminate the Tibetan traditions of Buddhism
  2. Present the living spirit of Buddhism to the Western world […]
  3. Provide assistance for contemplative study by worthy persons in the course of preparation for the position of master of the Nyingma school.


About Dharma Publishing Academy (DPA)

Dharma Publishing Academy (DPA) is reaching out to current and potential readers of Dharma Publishing books. Buying a book and reading, studying it often seem to be two different things. People may have Dharma Publishing books on their shelfs, they may even read some of them, but they often express that they do not know how to study the material presented. The Dharma Publishing books are alive, upon re-reading a book you will discover something new every time. The book presents layers, dimensions of understanding that gradually emerge as your understanding deepens. When you enter the teachings presented in the books of Dharma Publishing, the teachings will come to you, revealing more and more as time ripens. 

The Academy offers self-study programs or in group setting. That fosters such development of understanding and application in daily life. All materials can be summarized in three groupings “the experience of being well”, “the experience of working well”, and “the experience of living well”. Each one belongs to human education with the possibility of a gentle inner transformation of waking up. 

“The experience of being well” is spear headed by the teachings of Kum Nye. “The experience of working well” is presented in the Skillful Means books. ”The experience of living well” is offered in Tarthang Tulkus books on Self and Mind. The library of the Academy is completed by the traditional Dharma teachings presenting perennial truths, “Ancient Knowledge for modern Times”.

The Academy offers audio books, line-by-line reading plus commentary by Arnaud Maitland, e-programs, now totaling over 150 self-study programs in weekly increments, audio CD’s with theory and guided practices, video trainings, seminars, webinars, retreats, and a variety of presentations such as interviews, podcasts, and movies.