The teachings of the Buddha, called the Dharma, have guided people to awaken their potential for enlightenment for over 2,500 years. Our Dharma training programs cover fundamental concepts of Buddhist thought and practice, including the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path, Actions and their Consequences (karma), Dependent Origination, Taking Refuge and more.

These teachings establish the view that informs our practice of meditation and guides it toward realization and freedom. The Dharma teachings are not a theory or belief system but a framework that illuminates the truth of our lives as human beings.

Several courses based on the teachings of Longchenpa, a great Tibetan Nyingma master of the 14th century, are still studied today and revered for his depth of insight and concise, poetic expressions of teachings both foundational and advanced.

Dharma Programs 

  1. Padmasambhava is Alive, 6 video sessions and transcripts. This course is mostly about invoking the energy of Padmasambhava, the blessings ….
  2. Discovering Padmasambhava, 9 video sessions and transcripts that introduce you to Padmasambhava through mantras, visual images, and his biography
  3. eDharma programs, 10 written lessons on the following topics: Wheel of Life
  4. Longchenpa – Now that I come to Die. Line-by-line reading plus commentary
  5. Longchenpa Kindly Bent to Ease Us, Vol. I Chapters 1-7, audio retreat recording
  6. Longchenpa – Thirty Advices from the Heart – a retreat audio recording with Spanish translation
  7. eVisualization - The practice of visualization is perfect for our western style of living with its fast pace, busy-ness and high level of mental activity.