Knowledge of Freedom - Video Program - Session One

Knowledge of Freedom - Video Program - Session One

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Knowledge of Freedom

Taught by:  Arnaud Maitland

Our ability to go beyond the boundaries of the known is one of our most precious resources.

Whenever we question the familiar, we open the gate to knowledge and catch glimpses of expansive opportunities and possibilities.

Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, Knowledge of Freedom

Becoming aware starts with paying attention, being focused and interested. Wondering what wisdom is informing our actions. We relate to life based on our experience up to this point in time. We are influenced by the family and culture we grow up in. We are also subjected to the energy, intelligence and rhythm of the universe as we embody everything that happened in the past, knowingly or unknowingly. Questioning is the heart of Dharma teaching. In openness, we let go of predetermined strategies and trust awareness and inquiry to inform our actions.

When we embody openness nothing is excluded and wisdom can manifest. We participate in life fully, no longer the detached observer. We break away from limitations, fear, and guilt. We become self nurturing, self reliant, and self counseling. The present is always on a threshold of open future. We can join the rhythm of life by submitting ourselves to the internal program of life, which always strives towards fulfillment.

In these teachings we ask questions that penetrate layers of conditioning. Try not to let the thinking mind answer, rather, listen to fresh information. Follow answers that come from an open heart not from habitual thought patterns. Instead of forming an attitude of agree or disagree become a seeker, aware that human perception is always incomplete, aware that there is more wisdom available to us beyond basic life strategies.

Exercises: Kum Nye Dancing #15, #20, #38, #40