Skillful Means, Module Two, The Power of Time, Self-study Video Program

Skillful Means, Module Two, The Power of Time, Self-study Video Program

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"With time on our side, everybody can be a hero or a heroine."

- Tarthang Tulku, Mastering Successful Work

Discovering Time

As human beings, we can choose our way of being in the world. We have consciousness; we are capable of responding creatively to our surroundings, to every situation. But, how well do we understand our potential? In order to begin to realize what is possible, we have to know the whole context of human life. Our lives unfold in time, our time is our energy and our life. All that is knowable is intimately connected to time.

Awakening to Time

The natural starting point for getting the most out of life is awakening to time. Human life is so closely linked to time that a meaningful life, fluid relations, and successful actions depend on our awareness of time.

Usually, time is an outside force, bearing down on us, always surprising us. In the Skillful Means teachings on time, we are presenting in this training, we begin to thoroughly understand the nature, value, and energy of time. It provides a simple, clear path, transcending being a victim of time, short of time and wasting time. The basic matrix of Power of Time is to awaken to time, to control time and eventually to master time. The result will be a Timing Mind, never being too late or too early, but turning opportunities into actual possibilities. Of course, a Timing Mind includes a caring mind, a balanced mind, a joyful mind, and a loving mind.

Cycles of Time

Eventually, without being burdened by the past, or anxiously anticipating the future, there will be a presence of mind in which time is an integral part of your life. We begin to discover the cycles of time, with its beginnings, middle and endings and the appropriate mindset to get the most out of these stages. Attuning body and mind to time, the future is open and we begin to thrive on meaningful deadlines.

Abundance of Time

The creative interplay of time and awareness will bless us with abundance: vitality, knowledge, intimacy, and love for life. Alignment with time will transcend all sense of scarcity or being trapped by limitations. We can work joyfully toward our most cherished goals, confident in our ability to achieve our aims. We discover that we have much more time than we ever imagined.

"What patterns do we wish to imprint upon time?"

Tarthang Tulku/Knowledge of Freedom

The Time is Now

Each breath you take gives you more time to live. When you breathe out for the last time, your life has come to an end. Time is the active force and the substance of life; in fact, time is all you have. This is your life. Your life is the time you have. The time is now! Join us in learning and discovering the union of body/mind with time.

The quintessence of this course is to learn to get time on your side, to thrive on meaningful deadlines and to begin mastering time.  May we all ‘have a good time’

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