Kum Nye Level One, Audio Training, 2019

Kum Nye Level One, Audio Training, 2019

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Kum Nye, Level 1, Training Audio Program

based on Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche’s book  

Kum Nye – A Tibetan Yoga

with Arnaud Maitland


Kum Nye, introduced by Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche to the West in the 1970s, is a yogic practice of working with energy.  By inviting mind into the body, into the poses and movements, we can sense the inner experience becoming alive.  Usually, our body-awareness does not reach much below the head and upper body.  Of course, we will be out of balance when the body, mind, and heart do not communicate well.  Kum Nye restores this inner balance.

Each part of the body can be a source of energy, information, and ongoing communication.  Without body-awareness, and the rich feeling and knowing experiences it can provide, thoughts will determine our reality and script the journey of our life.  Kum Nye activates and massages life’s internal energies (this is the Nye), and provides a sense of present awareness.   The Kum, which enables us to contact new ways of knowing that are more comprehensive, reliable, nourishing, and revealing than the world of thoughts ever can be.  By activating the flow of energies, of joining feelings, breathing, and movements Kum Nye awakens the inner experience and the Body of Knowledge we all have access to.

With Kum Nye you can learn the language of your body, giving you more control over your style of expression.  As you learn the language of your body, your feelings, and sensations, you can find your true foundation, instead of continuing to express your conditioned self, you can create a new life for yourself based on a better understanding of your own embodiment.  In a way you have never before experienced, you can truly BE.                     

Learning to feel in Kum Nye is like learning to see, hear, taste and smell, and body awareness is the faculty capable of making the feeling experience our home. Kum Nye teaches the language of the body (Nye), not merely the physical body, but also the site of our experience (Kum).

Kum Nye works!

We invite you to learn Kum Nye in-depth, embody it, and then share it with others.  We are dedicated to making Kum Nye available globally.  You can play a key role in this wholesome activity, benefitting yourself and others.

For an in-depth Kum Nye interview please click here:


We recommend that you purchase the download of A Line by Line Reading plus commentary by Arnaud Maitland of Rinpoche’s entire first Kum Nye book (about thirty hours).