Kum Nye Dancing Comprehensive Training Videos



With great pleasure, Dharma Publishing Academy announces this comprehensive training of Tarthang Tulku’s book Kum Nye dancing – Introducing Mind to the Treasures of the Body.

This in-depth training delves into the roots of this dynamic Kum Nye, exploring both theory and practice, and showing the various gestures, sequences, and meditations, that you can easily follow and join.

This program consists of more than 40 hours of video recordings, including twenty-six (26) Training sessions, plus six (6) Follow-up sessions.  Each session is approximately 60-75 minutes.

Once you have enrolled in this program you will immediately receive a PDF document with live links to all 32 sessions.  You will be able to access these private videos, via YouTube, and participate at your own pace and time as is best for you, as often and as many times as you wish.



Free viewing of the 1st session


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