Inner and Outer Massage of Feeling

Inner and Outer Massage of Feeling

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6 Zoom Sessions with Andis Egle
Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 8:15am
June 1 - June 16, 2024
Recordings will be Available

We all have memories of times when we felt particularly alive, when the world seemed fresh and promising, like a flower garden on a bright spring morning.

There is a sudden sensation of acute vitality supported by the knowledge that all elements are in perfect harmony.

The air pulses with love. Our bodies feel healthy and energetic, our minds clear and confident. There is lucent quality of perception. Every feature of the environment pleases the senses: colors are vivid sounds melodious, and odors fragrant. All aspects of life blend perfectly.

There is vibrant quality to everything. No borders between inner and outer space. Everything is fluid, nothing fixed. We feel spacious and open. We act with perfect ease and appropriateness. ( page 3 of Kum Nye Relaxation by Tarthang Tulku)

The essence of this experience is balance.

Kum Nye is the art of developing this natural balance.

Through relaxation we discover a new way of being. Through inner massage of the energies of body, breath, mind, and senses, with the environment we appreciate the completely wholesome quality of living experience. We feel alive, riding a natural confidence.

Following Thathang Tulku's three Kum Nye books: Kum Nye Relaxation, Joy of Being, and Kum Nye Dancing and following Arnaud Maitland's training we will explore the power of relaxation. Through Kum Nye we will connect inner and outer, and touch the field of being. We can find a genuine ease.

Classes will be led by Andi Egle                                                                    Kum Nye Relaxation Tibetan Yoga Teacher at Dharma Publishing Academy
Sculptor of Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche Sacred Art Projects