Kum Nye Dancing, Level 3 Video Training Program Session 1 FREE

Kum Nye Dancing, Level 3 Video Training Program Session 1 FREE

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Kum Nye Dancing - Roots of Practice

The first two books develop relaxation, facilitate releasing tension and waking up, they aim for union of body and mind. The third book is about manifesting, expressing aliveness, openness, feeling complete from within. Manifest means to present, to take on the character of what you want to become. When we aim to present things we have not yet mastered it brings out the best of us. The practice has the ability to help us realize our potential, allowing us to express ourselves without inhibitions or limitation.

Kum Nye comes from three different practice roots:

1. The Yogi tradition: 
The Yogi path is a practice that emphasizes discipline, utilizing the body as a vehicle for realization. This practice intensifies feelings in order to enhance awareness. Emotional reactions to different situations create energetic forms that settle in our subtle system. This path focuses on unraveling these structures and uprooting our internal program that forms a rigid state of mind and limits our experience. When the energy contained in these structures releases, it becomes neutral, and starts to flow freely. This process generates the conditions for realization. Noticing our tendencies and befriending them allows us to embody life fully.

2. Esoteric Tantric text and meditation:
This practice promotes the experience of non-duality by striving to participate in reality as a whole not just through the limited lens of the ‘I’, ‘me’ experience. When we relax the subject-object orientation, direct experiences come forth. Releasing the tension that this duality stirs up allows deeper parts of us to open, revealing latent interests, skills, talents, high intelligence, and spontaneous joy. The practice creates fundamental openness, in this space our potential can unfold.

3. Sacred temple rituals - Lama dancing gestures: 
These gestures recharge, refresh, and invigorate. The dancer’s energetic expression impacts the viewer’s heart. Liberation through seeing brings about a form of happiness. We see it, absorb it, and embody what we see. These dynamic, uninhibited gestures are done with passion. They help us break free from our limitations, from the corral of our conditioning. Long standing tensions held in the body loosen and smooth out. When there is no more holdings our adventurous spirit is free to dance.

Exercises: Kum Nye Dancing #1, #2