A Kum Nye Dancing Festival

A Kum Nye Dancing Festival

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Dharma Publishing Academy is pleased to present a joyful and dynamic self-study program that is do-able by anyone interested in exploring Kum Nye Dancing.

A festival of movement and meaning in sixteen one-hour session series of KumNye Dancing with exquisite theory and inspiring pearls of wisdom, dynamically expressing our energy and knowledge of freedom.

Through 77 gestures and poses, you will enjoy discovering the transformative potential of Kum Nye and 'the sacred energy called my-self.’  Within moments you will feel open, still, and joy, dancing in space.  Each session will explore a new topic taken from Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's book: Kum Nye Dancing – Introducing mind to the treasures the body offers.

 Topics include:
  • Being still 
  • Becoming undisturbed by memories of the past
  • Discovering your rhythm
  • Re-capturing the creative context of your Life
  • Nothing obligating you to suffer
  • Being present in the present
  • Tending to and tuning the breath
  • Discovering an entirely different reality of fundamental openness

Each of the sixteen - one-hour sessions includes theory, detailed instructions and demonstrated gestures to bring Kum Nye Dancing alive in your life.  

View Session One Here

Taught by Senior Teacher of Kum Nye, Arnaud Maitland, with gestures demonstrated by Andis Egle.