Kum Nye Meditation, Level One, Self-study Video Program - Session 1 FREE

Kum Nye Meditation, Level One, Self-study Video Program - Session 1 FREE

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Kum Nye Meditation - Session 1
We all get caught up in suffering at time, and become victims of it. Remember that suffering is like bad weather, it comes and goes. There is no need to identify with our suffering, it is not us. Our basic nature is calm, it is our ground, our home. 
Obstacles we experience, like heaviness and laziness, are a reflection of an uneven energetic flow in the body. The mind is accustomed to drifting away, following distractions, or wondering what comes next. With practice, we can begin to enjoy the experience of stillness, no longer easily pulled away.

Kum Nye exercises set the stage for integration and meditation. Kum Nye is the art of developing inner and outer balance. Integration of body and mind leads to calmness and
Healing. We integrate body and mind by cultivating the flow of feelings, noticing sensations in the body. Then we stay with the experience, allowing feelings to expand instead of confining them with labels.

Meditation happens once integration takes place. Kum Nye practice offers three levels of integration:
1. Kum Nye - integration of body and mind. Inner calm, inner peace. Joyful, light feeling.
2. Joy of Being - inner and outer worlds integrate into one space.
3. Kum Nye Dancing - when in sink with the rhythm of time, life manifests our inner potential.

Exercise: #16, #20, #21