Life Death Transitions - Session 1  FREE

Life Death Transitions - Session 1 FREE

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Awareness of Transitions

Awakening to the certainty of death prepares us for it. It brings up questions about where we came from and what are is our purpose here. This program explores guidelines for living life based on the notion that death is definite. Knowing that our time is limited, we trust the force of life and fully participate in everything we engage in. With that awareness in mind, we listen to our true self and take responsibility for how we use our time. Transitions are the key focus of this program as they mark the end of a time. Being a witness, we become aware of life transitions and mark time by acknowledging the end of a period, end a relationship, end a project, changing jobs, moving to a new house, etc. Death marks the end of a period, the end of our time. This new awareness opens us up to an unnoticed experience that has been there all along. Beyond all mental activity, there is a different reality of stillness. When the flow of life dissipates, it turns into fundamental openness. In the process of desolation, our energy keeps going by itself. Exercises: Kum Nye Dancing #52, #13