Skillful Means, Module One, Transforming Stress into Well-being, Self-study Video Program

Skillful Means, Module One, Transforming Stress into Well-being, Self-study Video Program

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This self-study and practice course includes:

Nineteen Videos of guided exercises and theory  presented by Dharma Publishing Academy Senior Instructor Arnaud Maitland. Over eighteen total hours of video material


The way the program has addressed these issues is helping me look more carefully and not wanting to get sidetracked and to stop watching. Somehow I am being more able to taking responsibility and a quality of caring. It's being excellent and positive. The sensation is more freedom and light.

Tension is normal; stress is not. It is not difficult to transform the habitual tendencies of becoming stressed and overwhelmed into an authentic presence with easy access to creative energy. From within, we are at dynamic rest, while outwardly, we are engaged, confident, and joyfully manifesting positive results. You now have the opportunity to develop your awareness, knowledge, tools, and experience to transform stress as it appears in your life consistently. A life with more flow, ease, and focus await you.


Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche's teachings of Skillful Means provide proven methods that you can use at work and at home to transform stress into well-being. Returning to a natural balance will be the heart of this program. You will be on a path of transformation and of refining your inner resources. Skillful Means insights and methods will bring your life and work to a higher, more vibrant, and more effective level. You do not need to set extra time aside to experience this; these tools are practical while working while going about your daily life.

The Mindfulness at Work program offers ways to avoid burnout, reduce stress, and help create an ongoing sense of well-being. You can learn to welcome and even thrive on tension. In this program, you will discover that by nature, you are positive, collaborative, and caring. Wholehearted participation is our response to being alive. By navigating life's opportunities and challenges, you will learn to ride an inner joy that brings with it quality results on time.


Based on the process of 'learning while doing.' the ultimate goal of this method is to directly contact the experience of living and working well, without nagging emotionality, but with an abundance of creative, caring energy.

To prevent stress entirely or to keep it from reaching a crisis point, you will learn how to apply tools that will help you to develop radar-like sensitivity and gut-level energy, reaching levels of accomplishment beyond your present imagination.

Through this program, we will develop unshakeable confidence, and as this shines in us, in our bodies, minds, and actions, we naturally share our experience and ways of being and acting with others.


Imagine that you could share this precious knowledge with others in your life by becoming a Transforming Stress into Well-Being trainer.

This training is the place to discover this knowledge and to gain the skills you need to transform stress, reduce suffering in your personal and professional life, and to learn how to best exercise your talents and help others in their development and balance.


Transforming Stress Into Well-Being is the first module in a comprehensive Skillful Means Training for Mindfulness at Work:

MODULE 1 Transforming Stress into Well-being

MODULE 2 The Power of Time on your Side

MODULE 3 Positive, Effective Collaboration: Communication, Cooperation, Responsibility

MODULE 4 Training Mind for Leadership

MODULE 5 Blueprints for Success: Three Blue Prints for Success – model of two essential elements (masculine and feminine; or Kum and Nye), model of three primary elements (Body, Speech, and Mind) and model of five essential elements (the Mandala).

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